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First Time Client Consultation

This is required for first time clients who are looking for treatment of specific physical dysfunctions.   This is not required for clients who only require relaxation focused treatment.  During this initial intake visit, clients can expect to fill out a client history, which will then be followed by a consultation and a physical assessment which will allow the therapist to develop an understanding of what factors are contributing to your complaint. and to create a treatment plan.  This will be followed by a therapeutic treatment.  This therapist will treat restrictions, tightness and weakness in order to obtain a therapeutic benefit.

Allow 1-2 hours for this first visit. $100 + GST 

Follow up Treatments

1/2 hour treatment $40 + GST
1 hour treatment    $71.43 + GST
1.5 hour treatment $100 + GST

1 hour treatment $71.43 + GST